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New Collection Launch at Jahmek Contemporary Art Gallery, Luanda

Wan Kiamy's new collection is all the rage! The brand of designer Welwitschia Neto launched the second collection on October 31, 2019 in an event full of style and glamour, held at the Jahmek Contemporary Art Gallery, at Coqueiros, Luanda. At the end of the presentation, the designer could not be more satisfied with the reaction of the guests: "the feedback was very positive, people liked what they saw, emphasizing the authenticity that the brand has and of course they started placing orders. And this good reaction was both on the part of the ladies and men, which made me very satisfied." The biggest new of this collection was precisely the launch of men's items such as shoes, sneakers, and sunglasses: "I want Wan Kiamy to be a brand for people that loves fashion, no matter the gender, so I decided to extend this collection to men as well. And now is a reality I want to continue”, Welwitschia said. As for the women's collection, the brand presented sunglasses, bags, hats, keychains, sandals and espadrilles among other pieces, also with great criticism. All items of this and other collections are available to shop online at (Rafaela, create hyperlink, sf favor) and, soon, at the showroom of the brand in Luanda.