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Authentic, sophisticated and timeless, Wan Kiamy is presenting a new approach to fashion accessory by celebrating the power of the African culture.

Founded by Angolan fashion designer Welwitschia Neto, the fashion accessory brand captures the essence of colors, shapes and patterns of this continent, along with the travels and experiences of the designer, graduated in Europe. Since its launch in 2016, the brand seeks to develop striking, original and surprising pieces, that tell a story and, at the same time, are part of the best memories of those who wear them. To achieve this, every moment of creation its key, from the idea, to design to the production, mostly handmade, but keeping the standards of high quality high.

In addition to the unique and customizable hats, the brand also develops a ready to wear collection of sunglasses, shoes, bags and jewelry, as well as some pieces of clothing (only for limited capsule collections). All items are available at the online shop Woman and Men, soon, at the brand's showroom in Luanda, Angola. The name Wan Kiamy results from the combination of the letters W (from Welwitschia), A (from Aguiar) and N from Neto, along with the word Kiamy (as “mine” in the kimbundo dialect), which the designer's grandmother used affectionately to refer to her.


Fashion has always been part of Welwitschia Neto's life. The founder of Wan Kiamy gained a taste for the industry at a very early age creating handmade bracelets to be sold within her friends. Later she had her first approach into fashion by attending a summer course while she was studying psychology and sociology in London. After graduating, she decided to dedicate herself to her greatest passion pursuing a degree in fashion design in the british capital. It was at that time that she created Wan Kiamy, launched in 2016 with a successful collection inspired in Angola and composed by hats, shoes, sunglasses and bags. After finishing her degrees, she did an internship with the Argentine designer Veronica Moncho Lobo collaborating later as fashion editor for Chocolate magazine. After that period, Welwitschia decide to dedicate 100% to his homonymous project. Independent, creative and borderless, Welwitschia Neto is the ambassador of her brand, which aims to take to the main international fashion circuits. The Future will wear Wan Kiamy.



  • Wankiamy, LDA
  • Luanda - Angola
  • AO: +244 936 192 129
  • Lisboa - Portugal
  • UE: +351 915 280 410
  • VAT number: PT513978380